Serbia, Macedonia, and Greece..

July, 2006, 800 miles (1,287 km) - Total so far: 1,950 miles (3,138 km) 

The wheel has been turning great guns in the southerly direction, with of course a few east and west turns thrown in while I'm lost. Out of

Out of Budapest, I headed following the Danube and on rolled a new country, Serbia. Now I thought they were friendly in Hungary, but here they seemed even more so, constant hooting and waves by almost every other car was amazing. Wheeling into Belgrade had me stopped by the local paper for an interview, and a couple of days are spent in the Youth Hostel for a nice rest. I meet Nicol here who is from Belgium and has ridden all around Europe and is now heading off to Athens. A great city, so far removed from the impression given on the TV. My last night there involves a good deal of local booze and two hours sleep before mounting my wheel again in the morning...On I roll and now into Macedonia, and its mountains. I'm given a full search at the border, I suppose they were trying to break the international Penny Farthing smuggling ring, but happily, I was allowed through. The temperature now is in the high 90's so I'm struggling a bit with this and the long climbs up the mountains. When I reach Negotino I'm made the guest of the Dudin winery for the day, a fabulous lunch, a tour of the winery and an evening out on the town. A special thanks must go to Alex for his hospitality, and for letting me camp out on his floor for a couple of nights. The way out of town turns into a motorway, but I have a feeling that Penny Farthings are allowed on these roads, so continue along. At the border crossing into Greece, nothing is said so I keep to this plan for a quick ride into Thessaloniki. Unfortunately, the Greek police are not amused, and an official telling off is given, so a climb over some fences to a side road is handed out as punishment. The last 10 miles into Thessaloniki are hot full of pollution, and rather exciting while sharing the road with large lorries, but eventually, I make it into town, and hey, just realized, I've cycled to Greece! 

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