Total so far, 3,781 miles (6,085 km)

After leaving Jackson Hole the plan is to head for Salt Lake City. I want to visit the Museum of Speed which has some wonderful racers from the salt flats. First, though I have to get up and over Logan pass. A whole lot of pushing has me slowly going up over a day, until finally, and much to my relief I reach the summit. The 30 mile decent is a wonderful payback that brings me down into the valley of the Mormons. My ride into Salt Lake is horrible, loads of fast traffic flying by, and the noise and fumes are not a lot of fun. I am much relieved to find a cheap motel, but it turns out to be in "drugs central". I feel like I'm in the TV series "The Wire". Annoyingly the Price Museum of Speed who doesn't even have their address on their website, or answer their emails is closed. Not that there is any information as to when it is open..... Happily back on the road, and away from the city my sites are set on Zion NP. I didn't know what to expect of the park, but it turns out to be utterly stunning. If ever in your life you want to see jaw-dropping natural beauty, go to Zion NP.

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