Total so far: 7,320 miles (11,780 km)

After leaving San Miguel we ride north of Mexico city to avoid the chaos, and round to Teotihuacan. Here is a Pre-Columbian city made up mainly today of huge pyramids. These were stunning to visit, especially as a Mexican TV station gave me a ride in a balloon in exchange for an interview. Moving on, the next stage was to ride to Puebla and visit my fellow cyclists Paola and Reto. First, though there was an enormous 12,104ft pass to cross by the wonderful Popocat├ępetl Volcano. Taking two days of pushing to get to the top, and with a header on the way down, it was a tough couple of days. The bruised ribs were well worth it though in exchange for seeing my first live volcano. A wonderful week's rest was had with Paola, Reto, Alexys, and Valerie. Between drinking beer we even managed to get ourselves into Mexico city. Here we came across the filming of the new James Bond film "Spectre". So if you look closely, probably with a magnifying glass you may see five scruffy cyclists in the crowd. The next stop was Oaxaca. On the way, a huge pass is crossed. In the heat and humidity, it proves to be a real challenge and is, without a doubt, the hardest couple of days on the tour. Another generous invitation, this time from Paola's Aunt and Uncle had us staying in our own house while in the city. They also treat us to a day trip out to the Hierve el Agua. These are calcified pools and waterfalls up in the mountains. Boy was it lovely to have a swim after all the hot weather I have been cycling through.

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