Total so far, 2619 miles.

The time out on the Great Plains of Eastern Montana has been a wonderful experience enjoying the wind, rain and the open vastness of this part of the US. But having reached Cut Bank off in the distance I can finally see the mountains. With a quick ride through Browning avoiding the drunks that want to get on the bike, a dash is made for East Glacier to beat the weather. Rolling into town I am happy to find Brownies Hostel where I can hide for a few days to sit out the snow and closed roads. When the rubber hits the tarmac again, there is still plenty of snow about, and also some ice to be wary of, but with a big effort I make it up and over Logan pass. My next stop is Polebridge, where I am going to meet up with my old chum Oliver. We rode together on my last trip across the US in 2008, and I promised to visit next time in the US. Oliver runs the wonderful North Fork Hostel an off the grid wonderland for anyone who loves the outdoors. With hikes up to Cyclone mountain, and down to Bowman and Links lakes I had a fantastic few days in Polebridge, and a big thanks goes to Oliver and his hospitality.

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