Total so far: 7,820 miles (12,585 km)

After the great stay in Oaxaca Alexy, Valerie, Boyde the dog and I were raring to go and once more hit the road. This, of course, entailed more mountains, but after a day or so I can't keep up so we arrange to meet in San Cristobal. San Cristobal is hippy central, thankfully though there are plenty of indigenous people in the lovely town as well. This is the place where more things were stolen from the hostels than anywhere I have been so far. Not by the locals mind you, but by the westerners. It's funny it seems that people come here as it's cheap and for their love of Mexico. Yet they smoke weed that has Mexican blood on it and sell their jewelry and food in the streets in competition with the locals. The locals who live in real poverty and need every penny they can get, but can’t get on a plane back to the west when the cash runs out. Time to move on, and it's off to a new country, Guatemala. Here the climbing begins again, going up through the steamy forest and endless heat. I run into Bruno from France cycling south, and we make our way to the stunning Lake Atitlan. A spectacular setting surrounded by volcanoes, and a great place to relax for a few days. The climb out of the lake is a killer and takes about 3 days to cover just 40 or so miles. But I know at the end it is the historic town of Antigua where I can drink some beer and have another rest. A quick stop in Guatemala City with the warm showers host Bernado at has me stock up with a few bits and pieces from the camping shop there, before hitting the road again. 

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