Total so far: 5,320 miles (8,562 km)

After a wonderful 6 months zig-zagging my way across the US, this section of my ride came to a finish in San Diego. Firstly, I was adopted by the Andy Gloag and family, being a fellow Brit Andy helped me catch up on all the beer I have missed while being away. Then I was given over to the hospitality of the Traveling Fox's, my Aussie mates who I rode with up in North Dakota. They took the orphan along to Cathy and Marve Madsens for a splendid Christmas US style, and I have to thank them all for being so welcoming. Also, a big thanks for introducing me to Bundaberg rum :) After the rest it was back to the road and down into Mexico. Tijuana was my crossing point, and this couldn't have been easier. The thing that strikes me first about Mexico, all the smiling faces, long may this continue. The ride down Route 1 has been fantastic, glorious scenery changing from stunning beaches, rugged coastline, and then onto wild Cactus laden mountains. I have just been Whale watching in Guerrero Negro, an incredible experience, long may the journey continue like this.. 

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