Canada: Toronto

Canada: Toronto to Sarnia

USA: Michigan state

USA: Michigan continues..

USA: Wisconsin. The Wheelmen meet

USA: Wisconsin to Minnesota

USA: Minnesota to North Dakota

USA: North Dakota to Montana

USA: Montana

USA: Montana and the mountains

USA: Montana and Wyoming

USA: Utah

USA: Zion to Las Vegas

USA: Las Vegas to San Diego

Mexico:Baja North

Mexico: Baja South, and the mainland

Mexico: Guadalajara to San Miguel

Mexico: San Miguel to Oaxaca

Mexico and Guatemala



Costa Rica




London Nocturne Penny Farthing race.

Its about 3 days before I hopefully catch a flight to Canada, and I just have enough time to take part in the wonderful London Nocturne. Last year I managed to get 3rd place on my race bike, this time though I'm on the tourer and being very careful. The race is won for the third time by Richard Thoraday, and I come in 13th.

  • Valerie Ryder

    on June 25, 2014

    Nice to have met you! I'm the Cashier that served you in Brantford. Hope the rain didn't catch you as you made your journey out of our area! Enjoy the sights as you make your way around the world. Such an exciting trip! Will be following to see the sights that I could only dream of seeing. Safe journey! :D

London 2014

About a week to go before I leave. In the morning, it's a visa interview at the US embassy before I head up to North London and visit the grave of Thomas Stevens.

London, May 2014

On November 9th, 2008, I returned from cycling around the world on my Penny Farthing. My adventure had been everything I had hoped and wished for. The life changing experiences, the people, and the countries had touched me deeply.
I had enough to dine out on for the rest of my life, but quietly in a dark corner of my soul, she still whispered my name. As the years have passed, she slowly raised her voice, until finally I could ignore her no longer.

In 2014, the Road, she called my name..

On my last adventure, I took the route from England to the East, this time the Wheel and I will head West. Canada first, then the US where I will turn left at the Rockies, before heading South to the bottom of the Americas. That's the route planning sorted then :) So what have I been up to in the intervening years?

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