Zion to Las Vegas, by Penny Farthing. - Call of the Road

USA, Zion to Las Vegas

November 2014,

Total so far, 4,300 miles (6,920 km)

The road out of Zion turns out to be stunning, but a little windy. Passing the Vermillion Cliffs I wonder why I had been told "Its a boring desert route". As the days pass under the wheel I gradually get closer to the Grand Canyon. The turn off is at Cameron, and from here I can ride the first 10 miles. The next 10 I have to push the bike as it's too steep to ride. The final 10 I'm just about able to ride, even with a decent altitude of around 7000 ft. Of course the Canyon takes the breath away, and still ranks as my number one most beautiful natural thing I have seen in the world. Route 66 now calls, and it's good to be back on the "Mother road" again when I join it at Williams. After a few days on the 66, the wheel is turned north into a killer of a headwind to head to Vegas. The proves to be a long, slow grind, 6 mph average over two days is not speedy by anyone's standards, but I do eventually make it into town. The bright lights of Las Vegas, the crazy people, so much traffic, the beggars, dancing girls, all go to make up the "whole" of this city, it's just mad! Now finally, it's only going to be south the wheel rolls....

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