Montana to Wyoming, by Penny Farthing. - Call of the Road

USA: Montana and Wyoming

October 2014

Total so far, 3,129 miles

After leaving Polebridge I realize it's really time I should be heading south. So its back through Glacier I peddle, and down south to Missoula. Here I visit the home of the Adventure Cycling Association, a wonderful organization that maps out routes across the USA for touring cyclists. Now with Yellowstone in my sites I push on. A good few big passes have to be crossed, and a few tough days endured south of Ennis with killer headwinds. But finally I make Yellowstone NP. Famous for its Geyser's, it doesn't disappoint, with "Old Faithful" putting on a particularly good show. Next it's the Grand Tetons, stunning mountains, life is good, and a bit cold now :)

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