Las Vegas to San Diego, by Penny Farthing. - Call of the Road

USA. Las Vegas to San Diego.

December 2014

Total so far: 4,800 miles (7,725 km)

My stay in Vegas is a lot of fun, this is a mad city and its good to have a few days off for a rest. When it's time to hit the road again, I soon find the bike path to carry me back out of the city and round to the start of the 95. A huge headwind blows up not long after riding back into the desert, and in the end, I have to give in as I can't ride against the gale. Moving south I come to Lake Havasu, the home of the only London Bridge that I hadn't ridden over. It cuts across to a small island where you turn round and ride back. That's one off the bucket list. The wheel is now pointed towards San Diego, and to get there more desert and a good stretch of mountains have to be passed. Huge contrasts by day, the heat of the desert and then freezing rain up on the passes... Prefer the sunshine now! San Diego is a great city, lots to look at, lots to do, lots of bars, lots of friendly people in a chilled out environment. I do regret going on the bucking bronco in the bar now, but I did have the honor of England to uphold, I'm sure the injuries will be OK before I leave...

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