Honduras, by Penny Farthing. - Call of the Road


Total so far: 8,220 miles (13,229 km)

Time for a new country and Honduras be the name. Crossing the border is a cinch, and while there bump into some fellow Vintage car enthusiasts from dear old England, what a surprise. The first town in Honduras is Copan, which is the home to a large site of pre-Columbian ruins. It takes most of the day to walk around and you do feel quite "Indiana Jones" while here. An amazing site and civilization, a bit bloody at times in their rituals, but hey none of us are perfect. Riding on, the town of Gracias is my next stop. Supposedly a pretty place to see for the wandering tourist. Well its OK, but nothing on some of the stunning towns in Mexico. Oddly expensive as well, but they do have a good place to drink coffee in the town square. My plan now was to head down into El Salvador, and after consulting Google maps I chose a road. This turned into a rather large mistake, as it slowly falls apart and turns into a horse track over a mountain. 20% grades over rocks does wear a bit thin after a while, so after 10 miles of this I give in and turn back. My route towards Nicaragua takes me via the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. I had read bad things about this city, dirty, dangerous, unfriendly, all true, won't be going there again! Honduras has probably been my least favorite country so far (with the big exception of Copan ruins). I've been a bit spoilt by Mexico and Guatemala I guess...

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