Total so far: 8,550 miles (13,760 km)

A quick sprint across Costa Rica has me arrive in the Airport town of Alajuela. On the way, I'm stopped by the police as a TV crew wants to do an interview. Pretty much I have to stay where I am told and do the interview the next day. The journalist tells me how she will send me links and so on to the piece, but of course, she doesn't. My plan now is as follows. Getting past the Darrien Gap can normally be done by the ferry. This isn't running until November so I'm out of luck there. You can catch a yacht from Panama, and it seems to be in the $500 range, plus Panama is expensive. So what I'm going to do is fly from Costa Rica to Caracas in Venezuela and head south from there. Not many cyclists go to Venezuela, so the plan is to go and find out why. The airport proves to be a real challenge, as they claim that the Penny isn't a bicycle. Thankfully getting there six hours ahead of my flight allows enough time for extensive negotiations. I do have to dismantle the bike and have it plastic wrapped, but it got me on the flight.

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